Cataracts occur when part of the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, making your vision blurry, hazy, or less colorful 1. They may present as innumerable dark grey spots that cloud your vision 2.

Cataracts are a common part of aging, and are usually treated with surgery 1. Because they come on slowly, a person may not recognize that they have cataracts without an eye exam.

Globally, 94 million people are estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to have cataracts 3. Cataracts are 2-5 times more likely in people who have diabetes 4.

Simulations of Cataracts

A photo of two boys in front of a stand of trees. The photo's colors are yellow tinted and the image is blurry.
Copyright © National Eye Institute (NEI)
A photo of two boys in front of a fence, each holding a sports ball. The photo is blurry and the faces are indistinct.
Copyright © National Eye Institute (NEI)

Design Considerations

The design considerations for Low Vision apply to people with cataracts.

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