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Quality Engineer (Tester)

Your accessibility responsibilities as a Quality Engineer

  • Understand that accessibility (like security and performance) is infrastructure that customers expect to have in place. If it’s missing, the product is not complete.
  • Ensure that products you test meet accessibility requirements.
  • Open defects against tests that fail accessibility requirements.

How you can make us more successful

  • Testing the accessibility of any platform is a specialized part of functional testing. Like functional testing, it is a combination of automated and manual testing.
  • Advocate for involving users with disabilities in accessibility testing.
  • Become familiar with basic accessibility testing
  • Use tools provided to test for accessibility using automated and manual testing
  • Know how to navigate content using your keyboard
  • Know how to navigate content using a screen reader
  • Ensure the general architecture hierarchy and content of the thing you’re testing makes sense
  • Ensure images, icons, and charts have alt text
  • Ensure decorative images are not visible to screen readers
  • Seek out and hire a diverse team including people who have disabilities
  • Learn about hidden content techniques to learn how to check for hidden content


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