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What is not covered on this site?

The goal of this site is not to recreate the entirety of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) only in a different order. The goal is to make it easier to operationalize or implement an accessible website at your organization.

This is also not an Accessibility 101 site, although I get asked for resources often enough that I’ve still made a list of 101 resources on the Accessibility Training page.

As I am generally an HTML purist and I am lazy, I am not including the following topics on this site that the WCAG covers.

  • Microsoft Silverlight plugins
  • Adobe Flash plugins
  • Any other plugin content out there
  • Non-HTML content such as Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, EPUBs, etc.
  • Anything that annoys me. (Note: I said I’d never do font icons and I did them anyway, so apparently it’ll have to be really annoying.)

Most of these topics you can find on the WCAG Quick Reference. The rest, well, I’m not researching so I’d say do a web search or reach out into the accessibility community for help.

This site is United States-centric, so information about other countries will be limited. Why? I’m not there, and authors in those countries are going to be more effective at discussing them.

Thanks for your patience!