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Accessibility Training

The following articles and videos will help you understand the basics. Many of them cover the same material from different angles or levels of depth.

Accessibility 101

Critical Techniques everyone should know

In-Depth Training Classes


  • Extreme Design by Derek Featherstone at An Event Apart explains how designing for accessibility needs helps us think of extreme scenarios that result in a better design for everyone.



  • Accessibility Support site -indicates accessibility support built in for various components.
  • Paint the Picture, Not the Frame: How Browsers Provide Everything Users Need by Eric Bailey on A List Apart outlines some major browser functionality that is sometimes recreated by developers, such as a scroll-to-top pattern, scrollbar designs, scrolling, highlighting, text resizing, high-contrast themes, moving the focus, the clipboard, and browser history, that really probably shouldn’t be messed with unless you’re going to be incredibly thorough and consider a wide array of inclusive use cases.

Testing Guides & Checklists for accessibility

I think the best accessibility checklist is the one you make yourself, but these might get you started.