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What Accessibility Is Not

Paul Boag’s article Accessibility is not what you think, emphasizes that:

  • Accessible solutions aren’t strictly for the profoundly disabled edge cases. Yes, they are covered by good accessibility solutions, but good accessibility solutions benefit everyone.
  • Accessibility is not a checklist of things to do so that your software passes a compliance test.
  • Accessibility is not a list of things to do so you don’t get sued. 

Accessibility is not a “nice thing to do”, as Karin Hitselberger explains. It’s the law. We all share the same rights to life and dignity and safety and security. It’s not kindness, and it’s not charity. It’s the baseline. 

Accessibility is not a ‘Feature’ and Developers Should Never Treat It as Such by Michael Hansenon at AppleVis cuts right to the chase.

Access is not Optional, Tim Kadlec explains.