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Braille Displays

General information

A Braille display is an assistive technology (AT) that allows deafblind people to read the contents of the page or application using their hands 1. It also allows blind people to read the contents of the page in Braille instead of (or in addition to) listening to it on a screen reader.

Braille displays have a line of sets of holes in the physical interface 1. Pins rise up from the holes to form a line of Braille text 1. When the reader is done that line, they hit a button to load the next line of text 1.

A deafblind person will often use both a standard keyboard and a Braille display — the keyboard for inputting information into the computer, and the Braille display for receiving the output 1.


Training Videos

These videos are very high level.

Design Considerations

All of the design considerations that apply to screen readers apply to Braille displays as well.

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