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3.3.2 Labels or Instructions – Level A

Labels or instructions are provided when content requires user input.

 Understanding Success Criterion 3.3.2: Labels or Instructions

Checklist – Components


TestPriorityAutomated test?
Are form instructions provided in the label or at the top of the page?HighNone
Are form instructions associated with the inputs properly?HighNone
Are max field sizes implemented and reflected in instructions?HighNone
Are labels close to the form elements they control/HighNone
Is a Required Fields indicator (and legend if an asterisk is being used) on the page if fields are required?HighNone
Are labels (except radio buttons and checkboxes) locked to the left or above the field?HighNone


TestPriorityAutomated test/
Are labels for checkboxes to the right of the field?HighPartial

Radio Buttons

TestPriorityAutomated test/
Are labels for radio buttons to the right of the field?HighPartial
TestPriorityAutomated test?
If the Search button is being used as the field label, is the button text programmatically associated with the field?HighPartial