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3.3.1 Error Identification – Level A

If an input error is automatically detected, the item that is in error is identified and the error is described to the user in text.

 Understanding Success Criterion 3.3.1: Error Identification

Checklist – Components

Alerts and Messaging

TestPriorityAutomated test?
Are error states highly visible and specific?HighNone
Is a banner or dialog displaying when required fields are not complete? HighPartial
Is the page title updated to indicate the error state when required fields are not completed?HighNone
Are error alert messages marked with role=”alertdialog”HighNone
Do error dialogs display as modals?HighPartial
Are Aria Alerts or Live Regions being used to identify errors?HighNone
Does focus go to the error message in the banner or dialog automatically?HighPartial


TestPriorityAutomated test?
Are all buttons properly enabled or disabled?HighNone


TestPriorityAutomated test?
Is field validation in place for each field? HighPartial
Is form validation in place on submission?HighPartial
Are invalid fields marked as invalid using aria-invalid?HighPartial
Do fields only validate when the user is finished entering the value?HighPartial

Additional resources

How to Provide Accessible Form Error Identification by Jonathan Avila at Level Access.