Are any areas that differ from the page language marked up in their language?


Ensure that inline language changes are set accurately, so that screen readers read the contnent in the right language.

Why this matters

If the language is set incorrectly or not at all, a screen reader will read the content in the user’s default language. That can result in the wrong accent being applied to words, making it so the content isn’t understandable.

How to implement


Ensure the team is aware if any part of the page’s language should be set to something else.


For instructions on using the lang attribute, see MDN’s page:

How to test

Manual testing

Right-click the content on the page that should be set to a different language and ensure that the content element (usually a <p>) contains the lang attribute specified by your Writer.

Automated testing

HTML validators should report back an error if the lang attribute is set to an invalid value. Note that automation cannot determine if a lang attribute should be set based on the content.