Can I customize interface color and contrast?


Ensure that text and background colors are controlled by CSS so that users can change the colors if they need to.

Why this matters

Some users need specific colors or color contrast settings in order to be able to read and understand the page. This may be due to visual or cognitive disabilities. If the website’s colors are set in HTML (hopefully not, it’s 2020) or the text is embedded in an image (hopefully not, as that breaks 1.4.5 Images of Text – Level AA in most cases) then the user can’t use the site.

How to implement


  1. Ensure all text is visible in the markup (not images).
  2. Ensure the text is styled using CSS. (Preferably not inline CSS as that’s the hardest to override.)

How to test

  1. Use a web browser’s settings to change the foreground and background colors.
  2. Confirm that the colors change.