Did I provide an audio description track for the video?


Ensure that blind users can still understand the content of a video.

Why it matters

Review Creating Audio Description Tracks.

How to implement


Review Writing Audio Description Tracks.

Digital Content Producer

Review Creating Audio Description Tracks.

UX Designer

Ensure you know how the audio track is going to be implemented, by talking to the Multimedia Designer, so that you can plan for the number of video versions that will be necessary.

Make sure your design communicates to the user how to access the audio description track. The track does no good if no one knows how to get to it.


Implement embedded video file according to the guidance given to you from the Digital Content Producer, based on which video player is being used.

How to test

  1. Play the media file that contains the audio description.
    1. If the original video and the audio description are in the same video, confirm that you can toggle the audio description on and off with mouse, keyboard, and touch.
    2. If the audio description is in its own separate embedded video, confirm that it is where the UX Designer designated that it should be, that it’s findable, and that it’s labeled as the audio description.
  2. Ensure that the audio description is audible, free of defects, and makes sense.