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General guidelines for Developers

On this page
    • Understand the role that CSS plays in presenting content and its impacts on accessibility.
    • Use HTML over WAI-ARIA and native components over custom components
    • Support keyboard navigation
    • Understand and use HTML containers and landmarks
    • Implement focus states and a logical focus order to help users navigate and understand where they are
    • Help users understand inputs and help them avoid and correct mistakes
    • Use ARIA attributes when applicable
    • Give users a way to skip top-level navigation to access main content
    • Avoid images and iconography in pseudo-elements
    • Make SVGs and other icons accessible to assistive technology
    • Hide decorative elements from screen readers
    • Create alternate routes to access information
    • Ensure links are visually identifiable and have clear :focus and :active states
    • Ensure HTML documents have a language attribute
    • Learn about hidden content techniques to learn how and when to add hidden content
    • Become familiar with basic accessibility testing
    • Test regularly — don’t wait for the Testers to find your bugs for you. 
    • More guidelines for developers: