Did I confirm there are no SVGs embedded in <iframe> or <object> elements?


Ensure that SVGs are embedded in the page in an accessible way.

Why this matters

If the SVGs aren’t accessible, then users of assistive technology likely are missing critical information.

How to implement

Correctly, this should be how to not implement SVGs.

Per Deque University accessibility courses, using an <iframe> element or an <object> element to hold an SVG yields poor accessibility because both of those elements are poorly supported by assistive technology.

if an iFrame is pulling in an entire html file, and that file contains SVGs, I’ve found that (as long as you do everything else to make an SVG accessible) the SVG will be accessible. It’s only when the only thing in the iFrame is the SVG that you’ll have a problem.

How to test

Search the page code for <iframe> or <object> elements, and if you find one, ensure that it isn’t being used as the container for embedding an SVG into the page.